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At the very outset of this annual report, I would like to extend my greetings to all the members of ADAB and others concerned. It is my utmost pleasure to forward herewith the Annual Activity Report of ADAB for the fiscal year July 2021- June 2022 on time to all at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Currently, ADAB is implementing a 3 years core project titled “Strengthening the Role of NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for people-centered and sustainable development” supported by Bread for the World, Germany. In addition to the core project, during this reporting period ADAB, also implemented another two projects. These are (i) Supporting engagement of the civil society for Covid-19 response activities supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and (ii) Strengthening risk communication and community engagement and vaccine communication for Covid-19 prevention with the help of UNICEF. The synopsis of these projects is also included in this report. Besides these project activities, organizational development issues are also elaborated in this report. In fact, it is not possible to provide the details of all engagement and activities conducted throughout the year by ADAB in the annual report but it represents the major involvement of the organization during the reporting period.

ADAB Chairperson - Abdul Matin

Mr. Abdul Matin

Chairperson, ADAB

Needless to mention that ADAB is the oldest and largest representational networking and coordinating body of NGOs existed since the independence of Bangladesh. Its members include grassroots to national-level NGOs from all over Bangladesh. The current membership of ADAB is 1025 NGOs. Very recently ADAB established District Committees in 61 districts out of 64 districts of Bangladesh. These District Committees are representing ADAB in their respective district and perform the networking and coordination functions with the NGOs and the local administrations such as District, Upazila and Union Parishad. It is important to mention that the dynamics of ADAB depend on the active participation of its members who are considered as the main driving force and lifeline of the organization. ADAB does not implement any activities directly on its own but through its member organizations. ADAB has dedicated its activities and services to the promotion of networking and coordination among its members, policy advocacy in favor of NGOs, promotion of human rights, and capacity building of the member organizations.

The development activities of NGOs are well recognized and known to all development partners since the independence of Bangladesh. Although the journey of NGOs commenced with relief and rehabilitation activities soon after the liberation war to rebuild the country within a short period of time the leaders of NGOs realized that sustainable development endeavors need to be undertaken with the active participation of the people for long-term development. Thereafter NGOs devoted their innovative ideas for poverty eradication programs such as awareness building, education, health services, and getting access to capital for income-generating activities through micro-credit. These activities were widely accepted by the disadvantaged people, country and donor communities. Together with Government, NGOs also can claim their dedicated services which marked Bangladesh as a middle-income developing country by UN agencies during the Golden Jubilee of our independence. It is true that the program innovated by NGOs fifty years back targeting the poorest of the poor and the disadvantaged, the same motto has been endorsed by the SDG’s goal of “leaving no one behind” which indicated that NGOs were correct in their approach right from the beginning of their journey.

At the end, I would like to thank each and every one who worked hard to prepare this annual report with their highest commitment and sincerity. Thanks to all the staff including the Director of ADAB for their utmost dedicated services to the organization which made ADAB visible at all levels. Thanks, and gratitude goes to the members of the Executive Committee for their commitment and contribution made by attending regular and special meetings, and providing financial support and useful representation. Last but not the least thanks, gratitude, and felicitous honor to all the members of ADAB for their time, contribution, ownership, and commitment towards the organization without which ADAB could not be visible, vibrant and sustained.

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